Mid-century modern design is raging like a Californian wildfire. So it seems intuitive to follow the trend in terms of wall art. One subject I believe deserves attention are the photographic studies of Edie Sedgwick.

Actress, socialite and model she became one of Andy Warhol’s ‘Superstars’ and appeared in several of his underground films such as ‘Vinyl’ and ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’. Sienna Miller portrayed her in the biographical pic ‘Factory Girl’ in 2006. She is also noted as the muse for Dylan’s ‘Just like A Woman’ and the Velvet Underground’s ‘Femme Fatale’.

Edie was an indefectible diamond of the 1960s, radiating ambience, a la mode and period vogue. Wearing her brown hair short she is famed for her black leotards, large chandelier earrings and lucid eye make-up.

There are posters for sale of Sedgwick but you could source your own image and have it printed. When framing, it seems natural to go for black but I would recommend you consider the context of the piece; a white, red or blue frame, for example, might set it off (especially if it is in monochrome) in a more original manner.

Sedgwick was one of those rare sapphires but she was archetypical in terms of her polarised nature. Her beauty, style and charisma were neatly underscored by addiction and eating disorders. Like so many live fast, die young icons of the sixties, she died of a barbiturate overdose at the tragically early age of 28. She remains, however, the epitome of the sixties ‘It Girl’ and, like Monroe and Hepburn, will live forever in vivid imagery.

“You have to put up with the risk of being misunderstood if you are going to try to communicate.” Edie Sedgwick

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