An innovative new fabric has just launched that is set to revolutionise the way we buy our sofas. Amazingly versatile, Aquaclean promises worry-free family life across the UK.

With many families looking for durable fabrics that can be wiped clean when buying a sofa, it can often seem daunting to find one that is both stylish and hard-wearing. Aquaclean has stepped in to provide customers with a versatile range of colours and fabrics that will please everyone that are also virtually stain-proof.

Unlike other fabric treatments which are only effective on surface stains, Aquaclean is an advanced fabric protector that acts as a stain-repellent. Every fibre of the fabric is protected with an invisible coating that ensures any stain can be cleaned quickly with plain water.

Aquaclean is available in a range of 37 stunning fabrics, textures and colours from John Lewis. Prices start from £399 for a chair and £699 for a 3 seater sofa.

Aquaclean is also available at The Lounge Co and independent retailers across the UK.

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With family sofas coming into contact with all sorts of products from wine and coffee to chocolate and crayon, having an easy-clean sofa is a must. With Aquaclean it’s never been easier to clean your fabric should the worst happen. Simply remove any excess product, apply water and then gently rub the stain until it magically disappears. You won’t believe your eyes.

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