Retro revival interiors from the 50s and 60s featuring strong graphic shapes have been combined with Scandinavian simplicity in Urban Avenue’s new rug collection. Visually compelling geometric patterns and a calming colour palette place the collection firmly into the Geo Scandi trend – a fresh and exciting way to spin Scandi this season.

In the new Borg Rug, clean lines are incorporated with understated elegance and warm functionality. The Borg rug is produced by Danish designer Louise Roe Copenhagen, among her collection of contemporary and ultra-elegant furniture and home decor accessories. Offered in three sizes, this modern piece is handwoven in New Zealand wool and features a tactile top-woven pattern in a hard-wearing linen-wool blend. In typical Scandi style, the natural composition of natural materials brings warmth and texture and rugs are a great way of adding that restful vibe that the decor is so famous for. The overlaying graphic lines in black are raised, to be felt like braille on top of the woven base. The Borg rug is available in six stylish colourways.

Hand-knotted in pure New Zealand wool, the contemporary geometric pattern of the Jewel Rug is reminiscent of faceted gem-stones. The Jewel Rug is another product of Danish designer Louise Roe Copenhagen and will bring warmth and personality to your winter interiors. The ecru and black rug is offered in three generously proportioned sizes and has been inspired by the cool cut of a jewel vase, combined with a traditional Japanese paper origami effect. The contrast is optimised through its monochromatic colour palette, creating an eye-catching addition for your living room. Exuding Scandinavian charm, this elegant piece will add instant appeal to any space.

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