Recent research of British women found that 72% feel that sleep has a noticeable impact on their overall mood and happiness.

Interiors.RevivalBeds2PIC.16.8.18Just 3% of respondents admitted they could survive and thrive on less than three hours of sleep per night. That’s according to a recent study into the UK’s sleeping habits by a leading manufacturer of handcrafted wooden beds, Revival Beds. The company teamed up with freelance writer and mental health, happiness and wellness blogger Kiri Nowak, owner of The Content Wolf, to discover how much value people place on their sleep.

The study quizzed over 200 females across the UK and discovered that just a quarter (26%) of people surveyed said they get more than seven hours of sleep per night.

A recent sleep report from suggested that poor sleep “increases the risk of having poor mental health”.

Medical News Today also recently confirmed that sleep loss “alters normal functioning of attention and disrupts [an individual’s] ability to focus on environmental sensory input”.

What does this mean? Put simply, the modern-day lifestyle – including a hectic work-life balance and the stresses and strains of running a home – means that people need their sleep to deal with everything that comes their way.

The survey delved deeper into the types of coping strategies women are now adopting to help them enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Almost half of all respondents (48%) said that they read before bedtime, while 45% make their bedroom darker to help them drift off.

One-in-five women also believe that buying a new mattress can have the desired effect of improving comfort and levels of relaxation at bedtime.

Revival Beds believes a good mattress is one of the best investments people can ever make in their overall health and wellbeing. Given that we spend around a third of our lives sleeping – or attempting to sleep – few could argue with this.

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