Jamie Baulch, 45, is a former British athlete and television presenter. Jamie represented Team GB at a host of major international events in the 1990s, winning 400m gold at the 1999 World Indoor Championships and picking up relay medals at the Olympics and World Championships. Jamie lives with his partner, Cheryl Hicks, 45 and their dog Mia in Cardiff.

Jamie’s running demands may be over but he is still striving for excellence – this time in his home design. After undertaking some work to his home in Cardiff, Jamie was presented with the task of turning a small, tired bathroom into a stylish functional space. He turned to leading online bathroom retailer for assistance.

Problem number one

Jamie and Cheryl decided on the revamp after realising the current bathroom was no longer a practical option for Cheryl’s two children, who would visit their home frequently during the respite from university.

Let’s face it. The old bathroom was a bit crummy.

As their previous design décor didn’t feature a shower, it meant Josh and Natasha would need to use the couple’s shower in their en-suite bathroom. It quickly became clear that this was an impractical solution in a busy household.

Cheryl, said: “Every time Josh and Natasha came home from university, we would have to take turns using the shower in our en-suite, which became difficult if we wanted to go out as a family.

“As our old bathroom didn’t have a shower, we needed to find a quick solution.”

The solution

Keen to make the most of their small guest bathroom, Jamie and Cheryl teamed up with experts from to decide how best they could transform their tired, impractical bathroom into a stylish and functional space.

The decision was made to replace their old bath with an updated white 1500mm Straight Bath as space is at a premium. Made from a durable high gloss acrylic, this bath was chosen for its luxurious, smooth and warm to the touch finish and its ability to allow users to bath or shower without compromising on space.

Look how much nicer this one is!

The bath was then paired with the 10.8kW Mira Sport Max Electric Shower in white chrome. By choosing an electric shower, it meant that guests could enjoy hot water in an instant as there is no need to wait for the boiler to heat the water. The high pressure spray delivers a refreshing shower experience which is perfect for a sporty family coming back from the gym.

Its Clearscale technology also means that lime scale is cut by around a half. Complete with a safe tempered glass shower screen, it was a winning combination for a family looking for a no-fuss shower that delivers on style and comfort.

Jamie said: “We wanted a shower that we could use quickly and efficiently with minimal amount of fuss. The house can get pretty busy in the mornings so we opted for an electric shower so we didn’t run the risk of running out hot water.

“We all exercise regularly and we wanted a high pressure spray that would sooth our muscles after a long gym session. The Mira Sport Max Electric Shower looks great in the bathroom and its separate power, flow and temperature controls makes it really easy to customise your shower experience.”

Problem number two

Another issue the couple faced was a lack of storage space. As their previous basin was fitted with a pedestal, Jamie and Cheryl found it difficult to find space for their everyday items leaving their bathroom decor cluttered and messy.

The solution

As their old basin featured a pedestal, the couple realised that they could utilise the space with a combined basin and vanity unity.

By utilising the dead space underneath the basin, it enabled Jamie and Cheryl to have a double door mirror cabinet on the wall in addition to the cabinets underneath the sink. This supported Jamie and Cheryl’s living space because it prevented the bathroom being cluttered. Having more storage space meant that the couple weren’t fighting over their toiletries in the cupboard – helped them separate this and have one each.

Look! Stylish storage space!

The cabinets provide practicality without the cost of style. The couple opted for Cambridge Midnight Grey which is made from durable high gloss acrylic for a luxurious smooth finish. This bathroom set-up helped Jamie and Cheryl to have an affordable yet luxurious bathroom.

The dual usage has allowed Jamie and Cheryl to enjoy the best of both worlds – they can now enjoy a quick shower or a long soak in the bath. This has supported their needs without compromising on space, as there was no need for a shower cubicle.

Cheryl said: “The storage cabinets have been a dream to Jamie and I, as our bathroom used to be cluttered before – especially with two teenagers. Now we are able to utilise our space, having everything tidied away and separated has benefited us both. Without’s help, we wouldn’t have our dream bathroom.”

Problem number three

The old bathroom always felt cold and the radiator was never very effective in taking the chill away. This meant getting out of the shower or bath was often an uncomfortable experience, and the room would remain damp for a long while after.

The solution

Jamie and Cheryl had a stylish new radiator installed which meant the room would remain at an ambient temperature without compromising on aesthetics.

Jamie said: “The new radiator works so much more effectively to heat the room and keep it warm. We would constantly keep the door shut in the past because the room was nowhere near as warm as the rest of the house.

Groovy basin

“The radiator is unique too, it complements the rest of the room set perfectly, particularly the colour and the shape. I’d never really considered it before transforming the bathroom but now it’s one of my favourite features – it’s the little things that count.”

The use of a vertical radiator also means that Jamie and Cheryl were able to save space whilst still having a product which was large enough to heat up the room.

Cheryl said: “I love the look of the vertical radiator, but my favourite aspect is that it stops everyone from throwing their damp towels onto it like they used to!”.


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