Leeds Building Society has refreshed its two and five year fixed cashback mortgages, reducing rates and improving cashbacks on selected mortgages.

The Society’s five year cashback products, which offer £1,000 cashback and are available from 65%-90% loan to value (LTV), have all been reduced by 0.1%.

The five year products, complete with a free standard valuation, include: 

2.36% up to 65% LTV

2.51% up to 75% LTV

2.55% up to 80% LTV

2.69% up to 85% LTV

3.06% up to 90% LTV

Matt Bartle, Director of Products at Leeds Building Society, said: “We keep our mortgage range under constant review and try to offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customers.

“Our cashback range can give borrowers a little bit of extra flexibility at a time when they have other expenses.”

As well as the rate reductions on the five year cashback products, Leeds Building Society has increased the cashback available on its 75% LTV two year fixed rate from £750 to £1,000.

Matt Bartle added: “We’ve increased the cashback incentive available on our two year 75% LTV mortgage while maintaining product rates across our two year fixed rate cashback range.

“Cash available at the start of a mortgage is often handy to cover some of the costs associated with buying a new home. This is a further example of how we’ve used our expertise and experience to understand and respond to the needs of customers.”

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