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Summer Trends

Botanical prints and colours are growing stronger and stronger for this year and look fantastic for the summer. Plants, viridescent coloured furniture and gold accessories are hugely on trend. 

Coral is also very popular being a natural colour which symbolises optimism. Using mirrored furniture, silver and grey tones of accessories blends this theme of a room together very well. Art Deco glamour is still very popular and can also be incorporated using a coral palette. 

Global monochrome is set to return for next season and perfect timing for the autumn and colder months. Strong geometric patterns and natural woven elements can be incorporated into this look. Mix and match the prints to add interest and tie in hints of mustard yellows and bright pinks. A lot of accessories can be purchased from shops from a favourite of mine, Home Sense as their lanterns, side tables, rugs, photo frames, candle holders and mirrors are perfect for this.

Maximising Small Spaces

When furnishing and then accessorising a small space in your home, natural light is firstly a must if you have it. Keep the window minimal regarding dressing allows as much natural light as possible to come through. 

Using a large mirror opposite a small window also creates light via reflection. 

A small area should also not have too much clutter or furniture as it reduces space both visually and physically. 

Having a nice piece of furniture like a statement chair with a standing lamp or small table with a lamp (or as pictured here, a mirrored tray with accessories) or a sideboard accessorised with a few candles, lamps, flower arrangements finishes the look. 

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